Radio Industry

Why Listening to the Radio is Still Popular Today
It was when the cassette player that came to our scene first and for more than a decade, majority of the companies grew by developing cassette players and also recorded cassettes. This was then followed by the Walkman which popularized the cassette industry and the cassette players. Thereafter Sony launched another invention known as the Discman which also revolutionized the music industry and companies which were into cassette manufacturing went through a transition to develop music CDs. Discmans gave us excellent playback class for a very long time that it seemed like things couldn’t be improved for some time. Many users even believed that nothing could overtake Discmans and that they are here to stay. That was not so since popularity of the internet increased gradually and the Discman lost its followers and users.
Today, you can listen to anything you want on the internet. So why then is the radio still popular among us even if the internet has taken over all over the world? this is very simple. While you have to spend your cash in buying CDs or loading your MP3 player with different types of genres from the internet, the radio will give all these to you without spending a single cent. With a lot of radio station offering choice of songs plus music albums of different artistes, the future of radio cannot be ignored.
Another advantage with radio is over the years, it has become compact in size and thus can be carried everywhere plus its pocket friendly. You can slip a small radio into your pocket or bag and go anywhere you want. The most surprising thing about the radio is that ever since its invention which was about a century ago, the radio is still going strong and it doesn’t look like its going anywhere for another century or so or until some other invention is discovered and takes over.  Here is why radio is not dead.

1. Good choices for music station – There are a lot of channels available today thus you have a variety of songs to listen and so you can listen to what you like. Whether its news, sports, music, updates etc, you can find them in the FM stations.
2. News – surprisingly, some if not all of us like to listen to news over the radio. You can also listen to different kinds of news from the different radio channels that are available and still be updated like the person who goes to the internet for the latest news or updates.
3. Market updates – majority of the radio stations offer stock market plus other important updates. You can be able to know which company is doing very well and which is struggling.
4. Commercials – radio commercials are a good way to know about any new product that has been released or will be released. You get to know what is out or what is in also. You will also have an idea of what new offers are available and if there is a new superstore and what its selling.
Internet Radio

Find Non-Stop Music with Internet Radio
With the technology today, everything can be found just right in the cyber world. You can find non-stop music through internet radio. There are multiple ways wherein you can tune in into non-stop music, as internet radio providers give you a handful of different methods so you can access their stream – it is either a player on a website, mobile app, some directories or other third-party places that are being managed.
 Finding an internet radio station with non-stop music may not always be enough. You might be looking for a “wow” factor as well – so you will have that tendency to stick to that specific internet radio station. Depending on your mood or preference, you can choose by the following categories:

 1. Live broadcast

 Broadcasting is still king for some listeners. It is both online and terrestrial and is everywhere. If you wish to listen to music with DJs talking from time to time and depending on your location or if you have a preferred location, then you can try some of these internet radio stations:
 On this link, you can also find different stations that topped in August of this year, with different genres.

 2. Podcast

 Generally, internet radio stations have their own podcasts for listeners to download or just to listen to. Podcasts vary in program or topic. They are designed to fit the preference of the listener or user. So, if you just want to listen to say Top 100 Hits, you can choose this specific podcast to listen to.
  • – When you visit the internet radio’s website, you can see the list of podcasts wherein you can freely choose from and listen to.

 3. Radio automation

Because running an internet radio station also has its own costs, cutting them down is also one of the reasons that automation is run. By this, no DJs and regular technical operators are needed for playing non-stop music.
  • – You can choose an artist and it will play the songs of other artists as well who are of the same genre. Or, you can also select by genre that is listed on its site. It has several options that you can choose from.

By going through some search engines like Google, you can easily and quickly find non-stop music on different internet radio stations.