Radio Industry

There’s a group of people out there who touch our lives every day. They come into our homes and hearts even into our cars to speak to us personally. Who are these people; radio DJs. They’re the ones out there on the airwaves spinning the tunes and helping us get through our day. They began early in the morning and provide us with the latest news, weather, sports, and the most important component; music. To help us get inspired to move forward, and bring us down at the end of the day to help us relax. How did these people began?


Radio really began as something to be used by the Army to transfer data across the airwaves quickly and efficiently. Radio hosts were given content and assignments to be passed on through various times of the day to specific listeners. It wasn’t until after the war that the radio became popular among the civilian class. Some of the first uses of the radio was to bring large band performances into people’s homes. These were live events such as a concert or dance that they transmitted across the airwaves for the enjoyment of millions of people.

During hard economic times, while music was still a very important component, comedy and plays were also used to brighten the spirits of whoever was listening. The goal was to make people laugh and sing to help them forget about the troubles outside their door. Some of the greats were Bob Hope and George Burns. They even broadcast their performances from troop locations that they visited.

George Burns on the radio

It wasn’t until around 1950 that celebrities started growing from the DJ field. The most famous of course of that time was Dick Clark. He hosted American Bandstand which brought all the newest and hippest music to the airwaves. It catered to more of a younger crowd who were itching to find their own sound in the world. The earlier tunes were popular were a form of swing mixed with early sounds of rock ‘n roll. It kept the kids glued to the radio and later the TV every afternoon.

Dick Clark American Bandstand

Down through the times, many musicians found their way into their field through the radio. Gene Simmons got his start playing a local radio station where he fell in love with the music that would later make him famous. Many other famous musicians found their way into the radio studio because music was just there calling, and he thought there was no other place for them.

Even Kois, who later went on to teach Drums for Beginners got his start spinning his favorite rock ‘n roll records after school. Many musicians were bound to be rock stars from the start. So naturally they gravitated to the airwaves at some point, because it was where they’d spent years worth of time growing up, and it truly became a friend for them.

Radio Industry


When I was younger, music got me through many traumatic times. The breakup of a girlfriend, my dog getting hit by a car, and even having to repeat the sixth grade. I would get home in the evening, and just put on the radio and disappear into my own world. I felt like the DJs were my friends and they always seem to talk about life and love and things that really mattered in the world. Then, they would play music to support those concepts and ideas. It was like a melodic backdrop to a therapy session. I would just sit back and listen and soaking all the wisdom from all the sad songs I can muster.

I found that this really helped me out with struggling with any issue in my life. Through the advancement of radio, listeners actually became involved in the process. There were talkshows based on a variety of subjects and matters. They were headed by actual doctors and therapists who brought a greater insight to the problems the listeners were facing. People could call in, and ask questions and get help right on the spot. What I loved about that was that these were real people with real problems, not like some fake family you would see on TV.

sitcom families

On a smaller scale, people could call into the radio station and request to song based on a mood they were feeling. For example, if they were having a bad day dealing with a coworker, they would usually pick a song that reflected that mood. Or if the workday was just really long and arduous, there were plenty of work songs for them to choose from to feel like they were just a part of the collective struggle in the workplace. It was great to hear how people were doing and how they coped with their issues.

So now I didn’t feel so quite alone in my struggles. I knew there was an ocean of people out there who felt the same way I did, and who also turned to the radio for soothing. I remember the first time I made my first request. I was looking forward to the weekend, but had a long week ahead of me. So I called in one morning to my favorite rock station, and requested “working for the weekend”, which I felt was the perfect way to start my morning.

radio dj

As a byproduct I got to live vicariously through other people’s issues, which gave me greater insight into my own. I feel connected and respected, amongst my peers who turn to this form of media for relaxation and comfort. What is beautiful about it is that people who are shy, or don’t want to admit that they have a problem can turn to the radio for shows in songs that will help them through. It is an anonymous way for those to seek help, and gives them the freedom to make big changes in their lives.

Radio Industry

Why Listening to the Radio is Still Popular Today
It was when the cassette player that came to our scene first and for more than a decade, majority of the companies grew by developing cassette players and also recorded cassettes. This was then followed by the Walkman which popularized the cassette industry and the cassette players. Thereafter Sony launched another invention known as the Discman which also revolutionized the music industry and companies which were into cassette manufacturing went through a transition to develop music CDs. Discmans gave us excellent playback class for a very long time that it seemed like things couldn’t be improved for some time. Many users even believed that nothing could overtake Discmans and that they are here to stay. That was not so since popularity of the internet increased gradually and the Discman lost its followers and users.
Today, you can listen to anything you want on the internet. So why then is the radio still popular among us even if the internet has taken over all over the world? this is very simple. While you have to spend your cash in buying CDs or loading your MP3 player with different types of genres from the internet, the radio will give all these to you without spending a single cent. With a lot of radio station offering choice of songs plus music albums of different artistes, the future of radio cannot be ignored.
Another advantage with radio is over the years, it has become compact in size and thus can be carried everywhere plus its pocket friendly. You can slip a small radio into your pocket or bag and go anywhere you want. The most surprising thing about the radio is that ever since its invention which was about a century ago, the radio is still going strong and it doesn’t look like its going anywhere for another century or so or until some other invention is discovered and takes over.  Here is why radio is not dead.

1. Good choices for music station – There are a lot of channels available today thus you have a variety of songs to listen and so you can listen to what you like. Whether its news, sports, music, updates etc, you can find them in the FM stations.
2. News – surprisingly, some if not all of us like to listen to news over the radio. You can also listen to different kinds of news from the different radio channels that are available and still be updated like the person who goes to the internet for the latest news or updates.
3. Market updates – majority of the radio stations offer stock market plus other important updates. You can be able to know which company is doing very well and which is struggling.
4. Commercials – radio commercials are a good way to know about any new product that has been released or will be released. You get to know what is out or what is in also. You will also have an idea of what new offers are available and if there is a new superstore and what its selling.